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The Elf Child October 4, 2012 In the novel The Scarlet Letter the character of Pearl is one that represents every since of the word ambiguous. Pearl is nothing but a child; she is an untamed and disobedient little “elf”, despite that she is a beautiful and loving child of her mother. Throughout the book, Pearl is depicted mocking her mother and other authority figures in her life, including governors, but she is also shown standing up for her mother and herself in various situations. These two different sides of Pearl make her highly ambiguous, and creates the effect of uncertainty in the reader of how they feel about her. Her ambiguity is significant because it represents the ambiguous atmosphere surrounding the affair between Hester…show more content…
The affair is ambiguous because of the reader’s moral and emotional confusion caused by the duty felt towards love and responsibility. Through the novel, it is proven that Dimmsdale and Hester do love each other, and the passion they felt during the affair lives on through Pearl. On the morality side, both had responsibilities to something other than each other that created guilt in what they were doing. Hester had a husband, even though he had been gone for a long time and she didn’t love him. While Dimmsdale had his congregation and duty to God to follow His word. Both sides of the relationship are shown through Pearl. She has an extreme habit of being disobedient to her father and her mother, something that both Hester and Dimmsdale composed when they were disobedient to God, but she is also beautiful and loving just like the passion that her mother and father felt for each other. Pearl, is a highly ambiguous character in The Scarlet Letter. She is not only a disobedient and untamed elf, but also a beautiful, flower like child. She represents her parent’s auspicious relationship, and the passion of life is shown through her energy and curiosity. Pearl is protective and loving of her mother and feels a connection towards her father before she even knows that she
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