Theme Of Parenthood In The Crucible

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Pusateri 1 Christian Pusateri Ms. Chiapa American Lit.; D set 15 October 2010 Parenthood and Its Room For Error John A. Shedd once proclaimed “simply having children does not make mothers.” This concise idea demonstrates that parenting is merely more than a position, instead it is a correct effort and orderly coordinated system. During the Salem Witch Trials held in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, Arthur Miller illustrates how the absence of parenting is evoked in his novel The Crucible. Miller uses characterization and tone to expose how flawed and absent parenting or adult guidance is the reason for the disaster in Salem. Abigail Williams’ flawed tenuous relationship with John Proctor demonstrates revoked innocence, vociferous attention,…show more content…
Sexual abuse corrupts a child as Miller showcases here. Abigail has a natural tendency for attention because she is adopted. She craves an increasingly amount of attention and out of desperation and approval she will perform any action to receive the attention as she does with John. Abigail understands that her relationship with John is forbidden and unmoral but she strives to recover the provocative relationship because she needs to know and feel that John loves her. She cries out in tears that “[John] loved [her], and whatever sin it is, [he] loved [her] yet!” and she pleads for John to “pity [her]” (Miller 24). Abigail is reluctant to acknowledge that their relationship is over; she desires the physical love and lust because she wants more notice. Whether it be negative or not, she still wants…show more content…
Many issues arise in parenthood when raising children. From Abigail’s case it is important to Pusateri 4 note that boundaries must be held and innocence must be kept. From Betty’s perspective children need assiduous attention, need a sense of desire, and need to feel important. A common error of parenting seen from Mary’s life is that punishment and anger is one thing but physical persecution has a large negative effect on a child’s behavior and personality. Hopefully one would heed John Shedds warning of parenting and give the devoted correct effort it takes to guide a

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