Pip and Estella in Great Expectations

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Great Expectations Essay Pip and Estella’s relationship in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is quite controversial. Dickens allows the readers to decide for themselves whether Pip and Estella eventually married or remained purely friends. While there are many various opinions on the subject, I do not believe they marry in the end. From the very beginning, Pip and Estella had an interesting relationship, and as the book progressed it became all the more confusing. By the end, they had each faced individual hardships and morphed into completely different people. Due to Estella being raised by Miss Havisham to torment the hearts of men, she was deliberately cruel to Pip. Estella belittled him, making Pip feel like a disgraceful “common labouring boy” not worthy of her presence. Pip commented on his first meeting of Estella, saying “she was as scornful of me as if she had been one-and-twenty, and a queen,” expressing that she was quite vicious and pitiless towards him. This practice resulted in Pip’s deepest love towards her. Pip had been habitually abused by Mrs. Joe throughout his childhood, and could possibly have been used to Estella’s harsh and heartless treatment. Estella conceitedly recognized Pip’s admiration, but undermined the notion of romantic love and purposely aggravated Pip. Estella’s beauty and poise distracted Pip from her cruel manner which otherwise would have been unattractive. Estella’s torment of Pip led to his desire to better himself to be worthy of her love. Pip felt he must have higher expectations of himself, and wished to be a gentleman of high social status for Estella. Pip’s early relationship with Estella was based purely on his deep admiration of her high social status and beauty, rather than she as a whole. It is possible that Pip only loved Estella due to what she represented and not who she was. Pip also felt very inadequate
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