Erikson Theory Essay

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Erikson’s believed that childhood is very important in trying to develop a child’s personality. Erikson and Freud were somewhat alike when it comes to things like id, ego, and superego because they both felt that go was very important in personality develop. Personality development is the development of organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that make up a person. There are many things that can mess up a child’s personality, for example stress, no love, environment, other peers, and overall feelings to belong as a person. Erikson’s stages of Personality development are stage 1) Trust vs. Mistrust, 2) Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt 3) Initiative vs. Guilt, and last stage 4) Industry vs. Inferiority. In Erikson’s first stage of development is very important because it is trust vs. mistrust and without trust from a teacher or adult their will not be room for any other accomplishments. In stage one of trust vs. mistrust it depends on how the mother relationship is without the child. If children do not trust people then the will mistrust them thus leading to personality problems and classroom problems. The second stage of Erikson’s personal development is Autonomy is pride in one’s self and when a person has pride in their self they can accomplish anything. Also in stage two if the child does not have autonomy they may develop low self-esteem and have an urge to manipulate his or herself. Children with autonomy still have pride in themselves when they fail because they have done all that they can do. As a parent and teacher we have to make sure that we push children to their limit and make sure that we award them too. Shame & Doubt will make children her on the inside and out, so we must try to never make them feel in such a way. In Erikson’s third stage of personality development initiative will add to self- pride, which gives a child he right to be active.
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