Babysitters: Pros and Cons

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Babysitter Essay Babysitters. We’ve all had them. Babysitting has been around since the beginning of time, and so has the mutual feeling among kids that having a babysitter is a perfect time to act out because their parents aren’t home. I, having been both babysat as well as a babysitter, have discovered a different route. I have found that kids will actually enjoy having a babysitter more if they listen to the sitter and do what they are supposed to do. There are three main reasons why kids don’t want babysitters. The first reason is because they feel that they get into trouble. What kids don’t realize, however, is that if they respect their sitters, they will not have to worry about getting into trouble. The second reason why kids don’t want to be babysat is because it can get boring. The solution to this is very simple. If kids get along with the babysitters who have fun with them, then the likelihood of having boring sitters will decrease. The final and most popular reason why kids dislike sitters is because it makes them feel young. Even this problem can be fixed by simply obeying the babysitter. When the babysitter relays to children’s parents how well-behaved the kids were, the parents may decide to give the kid more privileges, therefore making the child feel more mature. When the babysitter first arrives, they will attempt to determine what the kids will be like. They want to know if the kids will be well-behaved, or if the whole time while be spent trying to make the kids obey. Children who do not respect the sitter’s authority will tend to find themselves in an all-night struggle for control. However, kids who respect the babysitter will have time to move onto more entertaining things, such as games and crafts. No one likes to be bored. Everyone, everywhere wishes that they could have fun and do whatever they want all the time. This want is very

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