Pearl’s Shinning Soul In The Scarlet Letter

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I Pearl ----as a character that full of symbolic. Although Pearl is a complex character, her primary function within the novel is as a symbol. “She acted as a spiritual mentor and a love protector of both Hester and Dimmesdale.” 1. To her mother Hester, Pearl is the living letter A in her heart. She is a girl who was born with special symbolic significance and meaning. She was clasped closely to her mother’s bosom with that letter A. Maybe in the adjudicators’ mind, the infant is a symbol of shame and evil, but to Hester, Pearl is her new life and she is also the link between Hester and Dimmesdale. Pearl makes us constantly aware of her mother’s scarlet letter. Pearl was a sort of living symbol of her mother’s scarlet letter. She was the physical consequence of sexual sin. But even as a reminder of Hester’s sin, Pearl was more than a mere punishment to her mother: she was also a blessing. She represented not only “sin” but also the vital spirit and passion that engendered that sin. Hester gave her daughter the name Pearl because she got the baby with all she had, Pearl was her only treasure. Thus, Pearl’s existence gave her mother reason to live, holding her spirits when she is tempted to give up. Hester thought that God gave her the child in required of all things else, which she had lost. Pearl was her happiness. On the other hand, she was her torture, too. Pearl made her live, even the little elf punished her at the same time. Pearl was the scarlet letter in Hester’s heart. 2 To her father Dimmesdale, Pearl is a mirror that reflects his cowardice. Dimmesdale’s sin was not adultery but not having the courage to admit that he had adulterated. But Pearl provided Dimmesdale the harshest text, and most penetrating judgment of his failure to admit to his adultery. He was painful in his heart and suffered from his conscience and his brief. Pearl was just

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