Story Of Hester Prynne

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne displays a great example of a strong woman character. Although, this novel was written in 1850 when women did not have the rights like they do today, Hester Prynne shows how strong one woman can be. In The Scarlet Letter, Hester Prynne is a young woman who has a child through the act of adultery. Her inner strength, honesty, and compassion are all shown throughout the story and stands out throughout each chapter. In the beginning of the story, Hester is standing on the scaffold with her small baby Pearl in her arms. She is in front of the townspeople and is being punished for having a baby not with her husband. By her standing alone and taking responsibility for what she has done shows her inner strength. She stands there all alone tolerating the people in the town judging her. Despite her being lonely with only Pearl by her side, Hester somehow finds her inner strength to defy not only the local people in her town but also the local government. Her strength becomes stronger and shows throughout the story, specifically when she interviews with Roger Chillingworth and Governor Bellingham. Her determination and confidence are repeated again when she confronts Governor Bellingham about custody of her daughter Pearl. When Governor Bellingham tells her that he is going to take Pearl away from her, she says, “God gave me the child. He gave her, in requital of all things else, which ye had taken from me. She is my happiness! – she is my torture, none the less! Pearl keeps me here in life! Pearl punishes me too! See ye not, she is my scarlet letter, only capable of being loved, and so endowed with a million-fold the power of retribution for my sin? Ye shall not take her! I will die first!” (673). This quote shows how much of a devoted mother Hester is. She is willing to fight for her daughter no matter what it takes. She doesn’t
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