Poem to My Daughter

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(i) I find the way the poet describe how her daughter has owned her instead of her owning her daughter powerful. Normally, we have the idea that when a mother gives birth to a child, the child belongs to the mother and of course, the father. However, in this poem the poet feels the exact opposite. The sentence ‘I think I’m going to have it’ tells me that the poet thought she was going to finally have this baby of hers, this baby that truly belongs to her because she is going to deliver to it. Another sentence ‘certainly I never had you as you still have me, Caroline.’ proved that the poet was conveying the message that her daughter never belonged to her instead, she belonged to her daughter. The question ‘why does a mother need a daughter?’ was powerful because indeed, there shouldn’t be a need for a daughter if the parents aren’t going to be the ones owning their own child. As shown in stanza two, ‘heart’s needle’ signifies the heart which is delicate, fragile, life and love and the needle, so small but painful. The pain is not just an ordinary pain, the pain that comes from the needle is piercingly sharp which causes great damage to the heart. Every time the child does something wrong, the mother feels the heartache. It doesn’t matter what the child has done because even if it was just a small matter, the mother would have felt the pain first because she cares and love for her daughter. She loves her daughter with all her heart and wants her daughter to have the best in everything, the kind heart of a mother is fragile. ‘hostage to fortune’, hostage is someone who’s kidnapped and fortune signifies money. This meant that that the idea of having a child is not at all the time pleasant. Having a child meant more costs and more worries financially. A child needs education, proper care, necessities and other expenses which meant more money spent and
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