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Unit 28 – P1. Explain theories of ageing. Disengagement Theory. Disengagement theory is about people withdrawing themselves from social situations as a preparation for death. They stop doing things they use to do for example seeing friends and family as much and make themselves less sociable. In society today it seems they help older people withdraw from life for example retirement and care homes stop older people being active in their community and in the world of work. Also by getting older people to retire and getting younger people to fill in there gap and take on the older persons responsibilities withdrawals the older individual as it makes them feel not good enough and like there too old to carry on so they lose their confidence. The…show more content…
The social creation of dependency is about how the elderly depend on the government. This is for things such as pensions and age restricted retirement policies. The effects of these policies are that they single out older people and isolate them in some ways. Because of this elderly people are left feeling worthless and have a low self-esteem as they stand out to be helpless and vulnerable. Because the elderly have a stereotypical image that they are useless they become a focus point as they have negative attitudes towards things and become more dependent on friends, family and social care services. This theory is like the disengagement and activity theory. The social creation of dependency theory is both sociological and psychological theory. An example of this theory is of a woman that use to participate in a hobby but can no longer do so because she is retired and has a low pension. Now she feels vulnerable and like she can’t enjoy life as she can’t take part. So this woman has a negative attitude towards elderly life. Programmed Theories of Aging. There are three different systems that are involved with aging and these are endocrine (hormal) system, the immune system and genes. These systems change as time goes on and cause symptoms and signs of aging. This theory believes that aging is essential and part of our body

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