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Position Paper PSYCH 500 March 11, 2013 Angella Eanes Position Paper Is retirement always a good experience? No, retirement is not always a good experience for everyone. Retirement involves an individual giving up roles that are usually vital to their identity and their self esteem (Berk, 2010). The process of retirement can be a very stressful process and it can contribute to the decline in the physical health and the mental health of an individual (Berk, 2010). With retirement come concerns about finances, concerns about mental health and concerns about physical health (McGarry, 2004). This position paper will take a look these three areas of concern that can an individual and their retirement in a negative way. In a study that was recently completed, 58 percent of retirees reported that they were bothered by the high cost of living, and…show more content…
Research has shown that depression and anxiety is very prevalent among retirees, and it affects their quality of life (Drentea, 2002). These psychological distresses are influenced by deprivation that is experienced in retirement (Drentea, 2002). Retirement is associated with an individual having a low sense of control (Drentea, 2002). This may be so because the income of an individual in retirement is dependent on others (Drentea, 2002). They are not actively working for the income, instead they must wait until it comes in the mail or deposited into their accounts by others (Drentea, 2002). Retirees and individuals in late adulthood are exposed to a decline in their cognitive abilities (Berk, 2010). Their ability to control and divide their attention slows down and they begin to loose some of their memories (Berk, 2010). This no doubt impacts their mental health in a negative way and it causes them to become depressed and loose their connection with their families and society (Berk,

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