Starving To Death: Discussion Questions

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Starving to death Questions: 1. The physical changes: You lose weight and you can die if you lose enough weight. Tibi is pale, tired and in pain and she has visible veins. The mental changes: You are not yourself, and the anorexia takes control of your life and your mind. Tibi has really low self esteem, and she doesn’t laugh and have fun anymore. She is addicted to not eating, and she’s obsessed with losing her weight. 2. It can be social problems or something like that. If you have a bad relationship to your parents or somone you care about. The cause of why Tibi has anorexia is that she has low self confidence, and she started dieting. 3. She is lonely, and her friends don’t wanna be with her because she is so thin. In the beginning she got…show more content…
Her parents forces her to go to the doctor, and they are watching her eat dinner. They say that they will not aloud her to go to summer camp, if she doesn’t gain weight. 5. She doens’t eat in school, and she excercises a lot.She’s hiding her food in a napkin, giving the food to the dog, spreading her food out on the plate, so it looked like there was more. 6. They doesn’t take it seriously, and they says to her parents that she will get better, but she doesn’t. One of the doctors think she has cancer, because she is so thin, and they do some tests on her. But as time goes on, her anorexia is getting worse. 7. Maybe she does things in a patterned way to feel that she has control. She may not be able to control various things like her feelings, but she can control what she eats, or doesn’t eat. 8. She realizes that other she isn’t the only one with anorexia, and mor importantly she is normal, and other kids at her school maybe is worse than her. 9. The anorexia is messing with her head, and all she’s thinking about is to lose weight. She knows that she is sick, and it is hard for her to stay in control all the time. But she can’t just let go because she needs to be in control all the

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