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My Contribution to the History of Nursing

Throughout the history of nursing, there have been many remarkable individuals who have made great contributions to this field and profession. Some made vast differences in improving the work of nursing, while others made huge differences in the everyday lives of their patients, with their comforting and nurturing ways. So as I sit here and try to imagine my future ahead of me as a nurse, I can’t say for certain that I’m going to drastically change the nursing profession with some big contribution or development. I can say however, that I am going to put my heart and soul into being the kind of nurse who will be there for my patients, making contributions to better their lives every day.
I made the decision to pursue the field of nursing because it embraces so many aspects of a career that I have been looking to be a part of. I wanted a career where I have a chance to make a positive impact on individuals’ lives, where my natural disposition to help others and care for them will be of great benefit and where I have the opportunity to grow and advance within the profession. Being a nurse encompasses
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My knowledge and experiences that I have gained from various sociology, health, and cultural courses will greatly benefit me in the nursing field and in taking the greatest care for my patients. I truly believe that I will be someone who they can count on to focus on what is best for them and make the best decisions to improve their well-being. When you are a nurse you need to see the whole patient, not just their physical health. Whether it is to ease their pain, lessen their fear, comfort their sadness, support their wishes, or to simply be next to them to place a smile on their face, I will give them nothing but my best to contribute to their needs in those

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