Personal Philosophy of Nursing

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Worksheet

This is a philosophy of nursing that reflects the beliefs and values of Mumtaz Flohr.

Today’s date is 7/12/12.

I chose nursing as my profession because nursing is an honorable field that provides me with flexible hours and allows me to explore my skills and experience in a variety of areas within the nursing field.

I believe that the core of nursing is to provide the highest quality of care according to the specific needs of the patients, families, and community. All this is achievable by communication, professional growth, teamwork, quality improvement, educational advancement, research, and the maintenance of legal and ethical responsibilities.

I believe that the focus of nursing is to provide safe, affordable, and high quality care. Treat each individual equally and according to their needs. My focus of nursing revolves around the patient. To treat them with honesty, dignity, and respect is my core focus.

My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will create a map in my mind and set high standardized goals which will lead me toward the advancement of my career. I will continue to educate myself with the latest technology and research which will help me in my professional career. I want to succeed in my leadership role which will make a difference in nursing as I can give rise to other successful nurses. I will use all my strength and skills to complete all the challenges I face to provide the best outcome for my patient and the organization.

To live out my philosophy of nursing, every day I must remember this about the following:

1. My patients: They are my top priority; I must provide the best care no matter what race, religion, or age. They will all be treated with the upmost dignity and respect. 2. My patients’ families: I will treat all families as if they

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