Philosophy of Nursing

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I will be a nurse; I will be taking care of people and helping them with their physical and emotional need and I will make them feel as much comfortable as possible. For me nursing is life, nursing is education, nursing is caring for people and understanding what patient is in need for; that is how I would define nursing. My main goal in this point of life is to finish my nursing education and become a good nurse. I am highly inspired by the nurses and their beliefs and the way of communication with patient here.

My values will always consider patient first, for me patient’s need and interest is always my first priority, therefor altruism is greatest value for me as a part of nursing. I want to be a selfless nurse for whom patient’s priority is always first. Nurses always act as a pillar of support for the people who are sick and vulnerable, I want to be that pillar of support. My belief is that nurses are healers; I will consider myself being accountable and responsible. People trust and depend on nurses, and I will have the ability to win their trust and become their healer. My main focus will be caring for people, I agree with Nightingale’s theory of nursing; she focused on caring and helping people coping with their environment and situation (Potter, Perry, Stockert, & Hall, 2011, p. 44). Also, I highly agree with Peplau’s theory, this theory emphasizes the importance of patient and nurse interpersonal relationship and determines its importance for caring patient (Potter et al., 2011, p. 44). These two theory guides me to achieve my values and belief towards nursing which are altruism which is a act of selfless care and developing strong bond between my patient and me helps my patients become dependable and make me accountable and responsible towards them.

My definition of nursing has not changed; it is basically caring for people and being able to connect
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