Dimensions of Nursing Care

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In order for a nurse to deliver patient focused care, they must first develop an effective nurse-patient relationship with the service users that they care for. This is important in order to ensure that the highest quality of care is provided to the patient. As, according to Sheldon (2009), a nurse-patient relationship is based upon the commitment of a nurse to work alongside their patient’s, in order to deliver personal and effective care which meets the identified health needs. Patient focused care involves the patient and nurse working together as a partnership and places the patient and their relatives central to decision making in regards to the planning, implementation and assessment of care. An equal nurse-patient relationship is important in order to ensure that safe, effective and personal health care is delivered and that the patients’ needs are appropriately met (The Health Foundation, 2012). Briant and Freshwater (1998) discuss how the development of the nurse-patient relationship may be effected; they further this, stating that everyone differs in regards to their personal boundaries and how they perceive interpersonal interactions from others. In consideration of this, in order for a nurse to develop the required skills in order to form an effective nurse patient relationship, they must recognise the individual boundaries of their patients. The professional expectation of nurses is very high and this is something which is greatly acknowledged within society. The media is very influential in regards to how society perceives nurses; this is something which has altered the image of nursing within the past, (Benison and Voogd, 2008) Appropriate examples of cases which have been focused upon within media will be underlined and discussed throughout this essay. Nurses must have a significant degree of self-awareness in order to deliver patient centred

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