Nursing Mission Statement Analysis

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First, Do No Harm Western Governors University First, Do No Harm Mission Statement As a nursing professional, I commit to providing the highest quality patient-centered care using evidence-based practices with compassion and empathy. I promise to recognize the uniqueness of each situation and will protect and advocate for my patient’s self-expression, autonomy, confidentiality, and maintain dignity at all times. My patients will feel confident in my abilities to provide care within my scope of practice, and I commit to staying abreast of current advances in medicine, technology and trends in my practicing specialties. Most importantly I will form a trusting relationship with my patients and their families, keeping them informed and encourage participation in planning and implementation of care. I will remind myself every day why I became a nurse and aspire to make my patients my number one priority. Functional Differences As licensed professionals, it is our duty to protect the public’s health and welfare by assuring that we provide safe and competent nursing care. It is also our responsibility to seek opportunities to advance our professional growth. Regulatory agencies and Professional Nursing Organizations afford us the resources to do that. The functional differences between both types of organizations…show more content…
In 1991 the American Nurses Association (ANA) finally voted its acceptance and it used today as guiding tool for the practice of nursing. The Code of Ethics has nine provisions grouped into three general areas. These three areas include the fundamental values and commitments of the nurse, the boundaries of duty and loyalty, and tasks beyond patient encounters. All nine provisions are essential to the overall delivery of care, but I will address the two provisions that influence my nursing practice the most (“code of,

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