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Philosophy of Nursing In the lecture on professional role development and practice issues for nursing held on Tuesday January 22, 2013, the topic was about developing personal philosophy of nursing. This took my memories back to my teenage years when I was in high school. I was taking my entrance exams for university, and was thinking about what to major in or what I will become after my education. I never thought that today, I would be a nurse. My name is Vera Uzoma, a registered nurse. Nursing was not my first choice of career. I was a political science major hoping to become a lawyer, even though my mother had foreseen what I would be in the future because she said that I was caring , nurturing, loving and I was always…show more content…
Here, we talk about the philosophy of nursing profession which to me should not be any different from the above scenario. The definition of nursing by the American Nurses Association include "protection...prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering (ANA, 2004 p.7) is meant to provide direction, clarify value... (Masters, 2009 p.47). My main nursing value is to treat others the same way you wish to be treated. The nursing profession exposes us to come in contact with human beings either in their joyous moments as in delivery of new babies or in their worst moments like when they receive the worst diagnosis they could ever imagine. This is when nursing goes from being a "job" to a personal calling. A good nurse answers that call with love, compassion and dedication. I see nursing as caring, loving, selfless and self giving acquisition of knowledge and advocacy. With these in mind, I incorporate the philosophy in nursing as described in (Masters, 2009 p.74-75). My personal belief is that what you give to your patients will come back to you. It has guided me to do my best in my everyday job and duties as a nurse. As a nurse caring for, not only sick patients, but also fellow people, coworkers, new graduates, and agency nurses who have never worked in the units before. I help them to familiarize their environment by…show more content…
76) "nursing values have been identified as the fundamentals that guide our standard, influence practice decisions and provide the framework used for evaluation." (Becker Hence & Gilmore, 2009) This means to me, nursing has a great value than any other healthcare professions because nursing is holistic. Every other parts of healthcare required incorporation of nursing to

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