Nursing Philosophy Essay

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Nursing is a holistic, broad-based career that focuses on caring and promoting good health. I believe that nursing is scholarly practice which involves various aspects in order for individuals to reach their highest health status. In addition, nursing does not only stop at treating a single client but as I stated earlier it is a broad-based career, there for it reaches various aspects, such as family and communities. It is important to reach all the aspects of nursing to ensure the best practice that every individual deserves.
Literature Review
One of the aspects of nursing is the community and an individual’s family. When it comes to caring for a client it is important to look at their history which involves their family and the community they live in. It is the nurse’s responsibility to facilitate individual efforts in order for their client to reach their fullest health potential. The main focus is the client’s needs, in every duty that is completed by the nurse, their main focus remains on the client. Therefore it is also very important for a nurse to care for themselves before taking care of someone else. Florence Nightingale's theory was based on sterilization and promotion of hygiene as she served as a nurse in the Crimean War. Nightingale’s theory explains how effective nursing care was before the modern era by the promotion of sterilization and hygiene (Green, 2009).
Philosophy of Nursing
Human beings have a philosophy which they live by; an intellectual declaration of a personal relationship with all other beings. Usually a statement of expectations and obligations, a pronouncement of one’s self. Human characteristics can never be the same with different humans which would always have influence in nursing implementation. Factors such as education, environment, and history play a very important role with the relationship between human and the

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