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University of Phoenix Material Personal Philosophy of Nursing Worksheet I believe that the core of nursing is delivering quality care specific to the needs of patients, families and the surrounding community. This is achieved through education, teaching and listening. I believe that the focus of nursing is centered around caring for the sick and vulnerable. My vision for myself as a nurse is that I will make every decision one that provides an optimal outcome for my patients and their families. I will continue to keep myself educated with the latest updates in nursing to ensure the care I am giving my patients is based on the latest research. To live out my philosophy of nursing, every day I must remember this about the following: 1. My patients are people with thoughts, feelings and fears. I will set my personal beliefs and bias aside and treat each patient with dignity, respect and empathy. I will provide the best care possible to every patient regardless of education level, race, gender, religious or cultural beliefs. 2. My patients’ families are genuinely concerned for their family member. I will treat them with the same respect as I do their loved one. When appropriate, I will make family members part of the caring team by including them in patient teaching and patient care. 3. My fellow health care professionals also want to provide the best outcome for the patients. I will embrace them to form a team. I will teach and share my skills with my coworkers as well as learn from them. 4. My own health is very important. I must strive to keep myself in optimal health so I can be at my best at all times. By taking care of my own health, I can lead by example. Source: Chitty, K. K. & Black, B. P. (2010). Professional nursing: Concepts and challenges (6th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: W.B.

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