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One passion, simple but strong that has governed my life is my interest in health sciences. Nursing is all about passion and dedication. Passion to acquire knowledge and be able to understand the complexity of the human body. Dedication to helping people and making a difference in their lives.
I would love to have the opportunity to graduate from nursing, because I have a strong desire to help people and make a difference in the quality of their lives every day. What is also noteworthy about nursing is that there is no another job as rewarding as being a nurse. Each day I will have an impact on patients´ lives, and have the opportunity to save someone´s life. I think there is no reward greater than that.
Searching in different schools, I found that this program has a bunch of resources not only solid basics of nursing theory , but also nursing practice as well as clinical experience that will give me the opportunity of been successful in different practice situations. The fact of been able to have an integral education, joining theory and practice in the first year of study is one of the reasons I choose this program at Ryerson University.
Furthermore, I think Nursing at Ryerson would make me not only a student with excellent communication skills, but also more compassionate, knowledgeable and a health care professional capable to lead and influence the health care field. I am very impressed with all the tools and resource the university has to offer the students experience clinical scenarios and situations as well as the facility of learn and practice nursing skills in an environment almost the same as the real hospital life.
Study in one of the leaders in nursing education as is Ryerson University would give me the best education and formation to be a successful professional.

My experiences as a student of medicine gave me the possibility of learning and

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