Personal Nursing Essay

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Personal Essay

Our patients expect a certain level of professionalism and skill in their nurse that will instill confidence in their nurse’s ability to provide care. I have graduated from University of Texas at Tyler with a BSN degree and a 3.2 GPA. I have worked in a hospital setting for the last 3.5 years, which included a great new graduate program. In addition, I have my CMSRN certification. I would love to continue to enhance my education and credentials by attaining a MSN and the Adult Nurse Practitioner certification. One of the great attributes of the nursing profession is the flexibility and numerous options available for those who choose to enter the field. With a Master’s degree, those options are expanded even further. For instance, the window is open to the opportunity of teaching, administration, research or advanced clinical training. I believe my calling is to the role of Advanced Nurse Practitioner. In this new role, I will be able to take on more responsibility, autonomy, and can potentially make a greater impact on patients’ lives. I believe it is our obligation as nurses to stay up to date on our ever evolving practice. As nursing leaders, we should take the initiative to be involved in councils, read nursing journals, and further our education as much as the glass ceiling will allow. A thirst for knowledge is wonderful value to have. Lack of knowledge can lead to adverse patient outcomes, and for that ignorance, there is no excuse but rather our own responsibility.

The nursing profession is based on many rich values that stem from the work of Florence Nightingale. Some of these values are productivity, accountability, leadership, and perseverance. All good nurses must possess these qualities, but it has been asked: what makes a good nurse great. I believe a good nurse becomes a great nurse when she shows compassion,
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