Why I Want To Become A Licensed Practical Nurse

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My name is Maria Montez and I am currently enrolled as a freshman at Fayetteville Technical Community College in North Carolina. I am originally from Texas but due to my husband being in the military, we have been in North Carolina for about seven months and will be here for about four years. I am married and have three boys ages twelve, nine and three, who look up to me. I intend to complete the Practical Nursing program and become a Licensed Practical Nurse. I have worked tirelessly for many years to support my family and now I have the opportunity in life to go back to college and pursue my dream. I know that everyone doesn’t have a stable financial platform from which they stand, but that usually leads up to giving up their dreams or…show more content…
I always tell my kids that a college education is a key to success in life. I set myself as an example, after being out of school for so many years and then going back to college, takes a lot of motivation, dedication, and commitment. I want to better myself, my family, and to be able to say I accomplished my goal. Goals and accomplishments are two big priorities, which I value them exceedingly having the desire to reach them in life. In order to accomplish goals, a plan must be laid out. My educational goal is to be a Licensed Practical Nurse which in turn will lead to my career goal of becoming a home health nurse. will lead to a satisfying health profession where I can assist those in need of improving the status of their health. My career goals is to become a Home Health Nurse. Nursing is a career filled with endless personal and professional rewards. Nursing has always been a dream of mine. I want to spend my life helping others and taking care of them, using skills that blend scientific knowledge with compassion and caring. Being a Home Health Nurse will give me the flexibility and job stability I need for my family. I want to make a difference in the lives of others who are most in need of

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