Pursuing Nursing Goals

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For the past several years I have known almost every detail of what I plan to do after high school. I have always been extremely passionate with helping those in need, and caring for other people. This, and the fact that my mother is a registered nurse, has led me to believe that pursuing a medical degree is what I am meant to do with my life. I have always loved school and always wanted to be important to those around me, and I feel as though being someone who cares whole-heartedly for those who are sick and ill, is a perfect way to express my passion for helping those in need. I came to the conclusion of joining the medical field several years ago after my first serious injury. I have had to overcome several dislocations, breaks, fractures,…show more content…
I am committed to excelling personally and professionally in all that I do and to serve as a role model by leading a healthy lifestyle. I believe that becoming a registered nurse will only be the beginning of my contribution to those I will help, and the medical field in general. After I get my BSN I plan to continue my education and get either my MD as an Orthopedic Surgeon or a masters as a Certified Nurse Practitioner. I feel as though I possess several characteristics that will positively influence my capability of successfully pursuing my goals as a healthcare provider. I have several strengths that will help my ability to connect with patients on a more personal level and not just business. I am a very compassionate, dedicated, loyal and ambitious individual and I truly believe that having attributes as such, will make my career choice more rewarding and positive for both me and my patients. I believe that becoming a nurse is more than just some job or career, it is a treasured continuous learning process that is in search of life changing events and miracles. The only way one would be capable of achieving a goal as rewarding and beneficiary as this, would be by pursuing a college

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