Similarities and Differences in Sonnets 18 and 73

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Poem Comparison Sonnet 18 & Sonnet 73 Sonnet 18 and 73 are similar in a way that they are both metaphors where the life of a person, or the person itself, is being compared to nature. However, they are being compared to different seasons of the year, one as eternal summer, the other one as aging autumn. In Sonnet 18, Shakespeare compares his beloved one to a summer’s day, but is actually showing how much better she is. He says she is “more lovely and more temperate” unlike summer that has its dark, cold and rainy days. His beloved one doesn’t lose her bloom like all the other flowers when faced with “rough winds”. This is contrasted in Sonnet 73 when “yellow leaves, or none, do hang”, where the wind has blown off the last hope in

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