Poets Unhealthy Obsession with the Theme of Nature

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Most poems are unhealthily obsessed with the theme of nature. The poem, ‘Aurora Leigh’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, is a perfect example of a poem that shows this unhealthy obsession with the theme of nature. It is an epic poem with a passionate tone. It speaks of romance, beauty and nature. Perhaps Browning tried to capture the whole essence and beauty of nature in her poem. Aurora Leigh was a young maiden brought from Tuscany to England. She was in awe of England. She was captivated by the beauty and richness of nature in England. She sought refuge in the hills of England. She was very appreciative. She thought it was wealth. She thought of the undulating land as blessed or sacred as can be seen in parenthesis in line 14, ‘As if God’s finger touched but did not press.’ As a result of Browning’s Evangelist childhood, her poems were filled with biblical allusion. Browning over-exaggerates the features and beauty of the nature of England almost making them come alive with her use of personification. The poem is very descriptive and also plays on all the five senses. She shows the sense of taste with the use of the word ‘sweeter’ in line 12, ‘ Made sweeter for the step upon the grass’ and also line 20, ‘Fed full of noises by invisible streams,’ the sense of hearing is shown using the word ‘noises.’ Browning also used the repetition to give the reader a sense of continuity. She shows that nature is evergreen and will be omnipresent in this world. This can be seen with the repetition of words like ‘the’ and ‘and’. It shows the beauty of nature in abundance. She over-exaggerates by using words like ‘gold’ to describe nature. She grew up in Tuscany and all the elements of nature in England couldn’t possibly be foreign to Aurora Leigh. Many other poems are also constantly dwelling on the theme of nature. Nature is definitely the most commonly used theme in poetry
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