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Throughout Willa Cather’s novel My Antonia, Cather uses many different types of imagery. Cather’s sparse allusive style relies on the quality and depth of her images (Novels for Students 206). Cather amazing comparison to the nature in the novel and her characters emotion is amazing (Yagmin and Lieberman 2). Cather use weather, seasons, and the land to describe the moods, emotions, and views on life that Jim Burden has. In the beginning of the novel Cather use weather to describe that calmness that Burden was feeling after being in Nebraska for a little while. For example, Sitting in his grandmother's garden, Jim observes: "There in the sheltered draw-bottom the wind did not blow very hard, but I could hear it singing its humming tune up on the level, and I could see the tall grasses wave. The earth was warm under me, and warm as I crumbled it through my fingers" (Cather 42). Cather uses very relaxing,…show more content…
For example, Burden who earlier saw the warm, peaceful soil now sees a change in the weather: "After the sun sank, a cold wind sprang up and moaned over the prairie. If this turn in the weather had come sooner, I should not have got away. Antonia and I Watson 2 burrowed down in the straw and curled up close together, watching the angry red die out of the west" (76). Cather use weather to intensify the grief that Burden is feeling about the death of Pavel and his parents. Cather made the seasons the biggest connection with the life of Burden. The spring brings lovely fruit and life with it. For example "I couldn't feel so tired that I wouldn't fret about these trees when there was a dry time (340). They were on my mind like children" (340). Cather uses Antonia’s life that is steadily growing and changing, to change the way Burden see Antonia. Cather uses the fruit in the fruit cave to symbolize the children, the fruits of Antonia's life (Nelson

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