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Through college, grades mean everything to some. Obtaining A’s and B’s gives students the opportunity for a better life after college. A superior college grade point average allows better job opportunities after graduation, as well as a better chance at receiving acceptance to a graduate program. However, some students do not care about these things. Many students attend college because their parents want them to or because they want to party. At colleges like Chattahoochee Technical College, students who fail are often very different than students who ace their classes in the attendance of classes, completing coursework, time management, and thinking of the future. In college, each professor has their own attendance policy. There are some…show more content…
Without the completion of coursework, students would receive zeros for all of their missing work, which would cause them to fail. “A” students might miss the occasional assignment, but still finish the course with a good grade. “F” students would likely miss multiple assignments. These students might have been able to turn in late work in high school, resulting in them thinking that college would be the same way. However, most professors have no tolerance for late work. Another reason that the students might not complete their work, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, is because they simply forget because of their failure to attend class. Since, as previously stated, “A” students attend class, they would likely not forget to do their…show more content…
Most of these differences can tie into one category, effort. Most “F” students only make failing grades because they do not put forth any effort. If they made an effort to do well in their classes by attending class, finishing the classwork, or managing their time, they likely would not fail. Students who think about their future put in the most effort because they want to be able to achieve their goals. While all of the attributes discussed in this paper are differences between “A” students and “F” students, the largest key difference is thinking about their future. This is because it will cause you to obtain the other attributes needed to succeed in

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