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Assessment Briefing Cosca Counselling Skills certificate course Module 1 | | Marie Rodger 2014 This Essay is given from my own perspective of the course so far. The initial class intro gave everyone a chance to express what their individual needs, wants and most of all expectations regarding the course were. It gave the tutors a chance to explain the foundations of the course its aims and limitations from their position as trainers and the introduction of a “working agreement” between us the students. We are a very diverse group of student from all walks of life and for me it was interesting how this appeared right from the start with our perception of certain words used in the agreement i.e. humor/fun, and genuineness honesty…show more content…
We covered the difference between formal/informal counseling and how formal refers to exactly what is says. It’s usually a more “professional” setting with a contract between client and counsellor, it’s appropriate to boundaries and confidentiality agreed, its time limited and target setting and the counsellor will have the correct qualifications/supervisory body required for the service provided. Informal again is what it says, and can be done anywhere with anyone and quite often done unconsciously by the listener with the use of a counselling approach and does not require the confidentiality and privacy implemented in the formal counselling. Core skills and conditions were covered and how they come into play in both…show more content…
Attending meaning being in the company of someone else and giving that person your full attention, to what they are saying or doing. This includes reading the client’s body language and also taking into consideration all the silences and pauses in the conversation. Actively listening not only conveys information, but also encourages the client to continue talking. Tracking a client’s conversation and paraphrasing key words was explained and practiced ,as was understanding body language, not just a clients but our own and how it can affect responses. Our eye contact, speech, I.e. tone of voice the speed of our own speech, and our facial expression all convey support or a lack off to

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