Of Mice And Men Light And Darkness Analysis

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Lesson plan / teacher’s notes Introduce the idea that Steinbeck uses images of darkness and light throughout his novella as a stylistic technique. 1) As pupils come into the classroom and settle down, give random students pieces of card with quotations/statements on them, as printed out below. Do not explain why they have been given them at this point. 2) When the pupils are ready to begin, give a short introduction about the use of light and darkness in the novel. Explain that it is not used by accident, but it is part of Steinbeck’s craft. Today, we will look at examples of this technique and we need to think originally and interpretatively about why he has done this and what effect it has on the reader. 3) On the board, have two bubbles drawn with…show more content…
They read the quote out and stick it on the board in the place they choose. They have to read it aloud and allow students adequate time to copy it down. They have to explain why they have chosen to attach it to ‘Darkness’, ‘Light’ or if they have placed it in-between. Then they must manage a response to the interpretation of the quote (prompts are used underneath the quotes themselves). This means that they ask the class and as students put their hands up; they take ideas and record them on the board. Meanwhile, all the other students record the quotes and interpretations in their own books. 6) Do the same for all the quotes/statements. At the end of the lesson, pupils should have two ‘thought showers’ and should be familiar with images of darkness and light in Of Mice and Men. 7) In the plenary session, or even through an essay, they should consolidate all that they have learned on this. They should consider that • Steinbeck uses a pattern that the reader becomes familiar with so they know what is being represented by the images of darkness and
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