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Essay 2: Comparison/Contrast For your second essay, you will write a comparison/contrast essay. The structure for essays like this is discussed in depth in Chapter 7 in The Bedford Reader. You may choose any topic from those listed on the back of this page or another topic, with my prior approval. My expectations are as follows: 1. The essay will be well-organized and well developed, using detailed examples to make a fleshed out comparison of your subjects. 2. The essay will have both an introduction and a conclusion that contain relevant information and summary of the paper’s contents. 3. The essay will be at least three full, typed, double-spaced pages long, and it will have a title. Your name, our class meeting time, and the date will appear in the…show more content…
You must cite these sources appropriately within your paper using MLA style. We will review this style in class; it is also spelled out in your LB Brief handbook and your Bedford Reader. 5. The essay should be free from distracting errors of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I will pay particular attention to your use of compound and complex sentences, your use of apostrophes, and your proofreading (i.e., missing words/switched letters). 6. Paragraphs should each have a clear topic sentence and developing details, and they should have transitions between them. 7. The drafts brought to class for peer review will be complete and thoughtful, and your participation in peer editing will be respectful and engaged. If you struggle with composing this paper, seek help immediately, from me (your instructor) or from the Writing Center. I will be available during my regular office hours to assist you, and I will respond to e-mail outside of these hours as much as I can. Deadlines: Bring three printed, complete drafts to class ____________________ for peer editing and review. The final version of this essay will be due on ___________________. You must turn in all edited versions in addition

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