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Seiling/170 Spring 2015 SECOND DEBATE PAPER: Here we go again…. Choose ONE of the debates below from the Taking Sides reader and write a paper analyzing the debate. Your essay should include an overview of the debate and a synopsis of each author’s position. What is the main argument/position of each side of the debate? After analyzing each side, where do you stand on the topic? In the end, you need to take a side and defend your position. You must demonstrate that you read the debate and understand it. NOTE: these debates are from the 13th Edition of Taking Sides. If you are using another edition, you MUST choose one from the last 7 issues AND confirm your debate with me! 1. Did the…show more content…
Was Slavery the Key Issue in the Sectional Conflict Leading to the Civil War? (Charles Dew v. Joel Silbey) 7. Did Abraham Lincoln Free the Slaves? (Allen Guelzo v. Vincent Harding) Your answers must adhere to all expected elements of style and conform to these guidelines: Your essay should be at least three pages. Understand this is only a guideline. You may feel able to answer the questions in fewer pages, but I caution against it. In order to answer the questions in sufficient detail and to provide the proper analysis, you should need at least that many pages. Each essay is to be typewritten and double-spaced - NO hand-written papers will be accepted. Use proper 1 inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides of the paper, and number each page. Look, these are basic “elements of style” you need to follow. Each essay is to have its own title page. Your essay should have a concise, well-organized introduction with a strong thesis statement. You need to be able to tell the reader (me!) what it is you’re going to say and why. Pay close attention to how you organize your essay. Do you make sense? Read your answer before handing it in to make sure it’s readable. There’s nothing worse for an instructor than having to read numerous papers with silly grammatical mistakes and awkward sentence structures. These can be remedied by a simple

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