Academic Skills Plan for Taking Tests

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My Academic Skills Plan for Taking Tests After reading pages 246-266, write your own Academic Skills Plan for Taking Tests. Include five or more strategies that you think will assist you to achieve your desired outcomes and experiences. Use at least one before, one while, and one after Taking Tests strategy. BE SPECIFIC!! What is my present situation? I am having problems during the test; my problems are retaining the information that I have learned leading up to the test. I can learn and understand the information on the test. But once the test is in front of me I have trouble retrieving the answers for the questions. How would I like my situation to be? I want to retrieve the information that I have learned from studying, and use the information that was on the study material to answer the questions on the exam. What are my possible choices? What is the outcome of each possible choice? After reading, evaluating the usefulness of each of the strategies on pages 248-261, choose the most helpful strategies to design your personal system for taking tests. Again, make sure you design this system for a specific class or classes. Be sure to write what the outcome of your actions would most likely be. Write only the strategies/actions you will actually do. A. Strategy # 3 : Visualize success My specific actions: When I visualize success, I will be able to encourage myself. Then my brain won’t be full of thoughts I can collect my thoughts and solve the problem, or answer the question. B. Strategy # 6 : Write memory cues on the test My specific actions: In my math class I will write equations and words that will cue information that is triggered by the cue. This will allow me to forget about those problems and focus on the problems I have the most trouble with, because

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