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LearningWiseScotland HNC IN SOCIAL CARE COURSE HANDBOOK 2012/2013 Welcome Dear Student, As a student, you will find that this course requires a high degree of commitment, time, effort and dedication. As a Social Care practitioner however, you will also bring a wealth of experience with you. I am sure that you will find the HNC worthwhile in helping you consolidate your practice with further knowledge. You will be assisted during this course by a staff team of highly trained, experienced and professional Lecturers. Success rates are high despite the rigors of the course. This is due to students and the staff team working together to produce a challenging yet satisfying period of study. This…show more content…
PLAGIARISM: is stealing the writings or ideas of others and presenting them as your own ideas. This is cheating and must be avoided. How do I avoid unintentional Plagiarism? * Ensure that you don’t copy sections from books, the Internet or other sources unless instructed to do so. * Ensure that, if you do quote briefly from a book or other source, you reference the quote by using quotation marks “ “ and name the source (e.g. author and title). * Ensure that, if you have been working with others as a group, you don’t copy from others, but offer only your own work for assessment. We encourage students to collaborate but collusion to commit fraud must be avoided. * Ensure that, in practical classes, all work must be seen as ongoing by your tutor. * Ensure that you follow the assessment instructions very closely and ask your lecturer if you are unsure about any aspect of the assessment process. How does LearningWiseScotland authenticate your work? LearningWiseScotland has a number of methods…show more content…
There are lots of ideas available to help people manage their time! Sometimes it’s helpful to actually see where you will find the 9 hours you need each week. | SUN | MON | TUES | WED | THUR | FRI | SAT | A.M. | | | | | | | | P.M. | | | | | | | | EVE | | | | | | | | Where in the week does your 9 hours fall? Try to identify where you might have conflicts and what you might have to give up. * Space your study times – remember to take breaks. * Study during your ‘prime time’ – are you a lark or an owl? * Leave time for flexibility, unexpected emergencies, etc. * Christmas is 25th December every year – your birthday is also on the same day each year. Don’t be taken by surprise by the unexpected. 3. How can I remember what I’m reading? Finding time is one thing, using it effectively is another! Some myths about reading……. * I have to read every word * Reading once is enough * I mustn’t skip You don’t have to read every word, but you do have to read some things more than once. Here are some hints……… * It is rare that you will need (or want) to read a whole textbook through

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