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Constructing Meaning Through Reading and Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: 1babyboy
  • on April 9, 2013
  • Category: English
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Constructing Meaning through Reading and Writing
Shannon Zelayandia
Grand Canyon University: EED-475
April 7, 2013

Constructing Meaning through Reading and Writing
|Strategy                                       |Activity                                       |Assessment                                     |
|Teach the Author-Reader Relationship           |Write Aloud: Give the students a small passage |Have the students hand in their papers and     |
|                                               |and then have the students write what the       |check for a clear understanding by what answers|
|                                               |author’s purpose is. Including main characters,|the students put down. Have each student bring |
|                                               |plot, main idea, and setting. They can also     |up the paper one by one and ask further         |
|                                               |draw a picture to go with it.                   |questions to the students t check for a better |
|                                               |                                               |understanding.                                 |
|Teach Prior Knowledge                           |KWHL chart: After reading a short passage about|Bring small groups of students back to the back|
|                                               |a subject they are learning in class. Using a   |reading table and go over these charts with the|
|                                               |regular sheet of paper fold the paper in four. |students. Make sure each student has filled out|
|                                               |At the top of each section write one letter in |the chart completely and answer any questions   |
|                                               |it, K (What the students knows already) in the |that the students may have. Ask question       |

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