Use Targeted Communication Skills to Build Relationships. Chccom403B.

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USE TARGETED COMMUNICATION SKILLS TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. CHCCOM403B. QUESTION 1. If your communication with colleagues and clients is effective, there will be an established rapport, a good exchange of information, and an ability to facilitate a healthy resolution to issues and defuse potentially difficult situations. Question 2. The personal communication skills that I use when interacting with work colleges is as follows: Body language: Sit or stand facing the person, your hands relaxed at your sides or in your lap, and while it’s important to respect others personal space- it’s OK to lean forward ever so slightly when engaging in conversation with another person. Some body language experts say that you should have an invisible line, direct and unhindered, from their heart to yours, so as to aid in good communication. Eye contact: Eye contact tells the other person that you’re engaged and following, and taking in what’s being said. You can always tell from a person’s eyes whether or not they are still listening or have tuned out of the conversation. Active listening: This means that we give the person that we are listening to our undivided attention. Listening is a skill that requires constant awareness and reflection on the part of the listener. QUESTION 3. There are several ways to modify your communication to meets the varied needs of your clients. If dealing with an older person you may adjust your tone of voice, the speed at which you speak and offer more specific direction. If dealing with a hearing impaired person you could eliminate all background noise, talk slowly and clearly as they are possibly reading your lips. You would make sure that everything they need to know if written down in case they have not heard or missed something during

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