Developing Counselling Skills

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DEVELOPING COUNSELLING SKILLS CASE STUDY In this essay I am going to explain the process involved in a establishing a counselling relationship. How interaction was managed, strategies for problem solving and decision making while working with two peers while conducting role play in class triad work. The scenario involved working for six weeks in a counsellor ,client and observer situation .Each lasting for a limited amount of time each week .The role play involved the counsellor (myself) introducing myself to the client, making the client aware of the time limit in which was available to the client as well as the confidentiality rules. SAFETY In order for my client to feel comfortable, I took into consideration the importance of providing a safe, confidential environment as much as possible. I offered my client empathy, understanding and respect. Used open ended questions, actively listened and gently challenged my client when appropriate, remaining aware of boundaries. (2013, BACP) I recorded information to use in supervision, how one response led to another, the nonverbal communication used by my client and my own thoughts as the session proceeded. Supervision was able to give me space to look at my work I had supervision which allowed me to reflect on relating to my client and to gain insights from the perspective of another therapist. (Jacobs, 1998)Supervision offered me three main functions. The first educational, with the aim of giving myself (counsellor) a regular opportunity to receive feedback, develop new understandings and receive information. The second was the supportive role, where I was able to share dilemmas, be validated in my work performance and deal with any personal distress or counter transference evoked by my client. Finally was the management dimension in ensuring the quality of work and to assist with planning work and utilize
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