Promote Effective Communication for and About Individuals

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Promote effective communication for and about individuals. HSC31 Knowledge specification. 1. I abide by the legal and organisational requirements on equality, diversity, discrimination and rights by treating everybody the same but on the other hand understand that everybody is an individual and communicates in different ways and have different needs and requirements. I use different techniques when communicating to individuals and use their preferences such as Makaton or pictorial if required. I complete records and reports to the best of my ability and make sure that they are accurate. With no bias or judgemental opinions and that they are fair and equal to all. 2. I provide active support to individuals to enable them to express their communication needs, views and preferences by making available any equipment that is required e.g. pictures, hearing aids and devices or speaking utensils. When talking to individuals I provide active support by understanding the communication difficulties of the individuals and I am patient and allow them time to express themselves when they feel comfortable to. If a misunderstanding takes place, I work with the individual to find a set communication method which will clear up the problem. 3. I make sure that when I communicate with individuals that I support equality and diversity by treating the individual as just that an individual. I communicate with them with their preference and take into consideration any difficulties that they may have. But if I am communicating with a group I do not high light these difficulties but just account for them. I communicate with individuals without bias or discrimination towards them. I make sure that the method of communication is fair and accurate. I take into account the individuals needs and the environment that we are in. I use a clear and calming tone of voice when

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