Write An Essay On Confidentiality In Health And Social Care

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Confidentiality means not sharing information about people without their knowledge and agreement. To maintain confidentiality you should: • Confirm the identity of anyone that is unknown to you. • Never discuss the client with anyone without the client’s permission. • Never leave confidential information where unauthorized persons may access and Use only secure routes to send information. • Always check who can hear you when verbally handing over confidential information. If information that you have received needs to be passed on you must: • Inform the client why the information needs to be passed on to others, and that it is your responsibility to do so. • If the person in care is not in any danger then what is spoken…show more content…
Wishes and preferences~ so you are able to for fill these so you can give a person centred approach and be able to treat them as an individual. Av Explain how good communication can have a positive effect on the way a social care worker interacts with: Colleagues~ Good communication is key to how we care for services users and how we learn from each other. Handovers are a good example of communication without this how are we meant to know of any concerns to look out for and also we can all learn from each other. Individuals using the service and carers ~so they able to trust and communicate with us Other professionals~ so they respect and treat us professionally Avi Using the table below, identify three examples of barriers to communication, and describe ways each barrier could be reduced. Barrier How it can be reduced 1. Hard of hearing Speak louder and clearer and make sure they are able to see your mouth or learn how to sign
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