Building Rapport Essay

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Building rapport To be the best you can be you need to discover the magic of rapport. The principles and techniques of rapport hold the key to good communication. It is based on the idea that we like to communicate with people who we perceive to be like us. This is because we will only be influenced by people who we think like us as a person. It works best when feelings are authentic – that is you genuinely care about other people and have their interests at heart. To get the outcome you want, you need to influence others to get the desired effect. This hinges on getting connected with what others want. Seek first to show that you understand and can empathise. Without feeling the respect and trust that comes from rapport, the rest of the conversation and relationship will have little impact. The Principle of Matching One sign that rapport is happening is when people in conversation adopt the same or similar physical postures and mannerisms – even their silhouettes suggest the same mirrored profile as they talk. You may not be conscious of this until your awareness is raised and you get a chance to practice it to the point where it becomes a good habit. See Info Notes (5) – Changing a Habit. Coaching Skills – INFO NOTES (7) Authored by Steve Trivett - Building Rapport Practice is needed because it requires you to mirror facial movements, tone of voice, pace of speech, language used and your active listening demeanor. MISMATCHING is a way of bringing a conversation to a close. Matching works just as well in group situations. You find that the person talking will look at you more than other people when you in rapport. This enables you to gain attention and have your contribution listened to. Done well, rapport it is a powerful way of influencing others. Match their behaviour, pace your response and lead a change of rhythm. When you first start to observe
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