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In Fullerton College they offer many programs that can aid students in different ways. Fullerton College is very dedicated to offer help to students varying from Counseling, Music Lab, Writing Center, Math Lab, tutoring, and career and life Planning Center. The most important thing that I believe Fullerton College has to offer would be the Counseling Department, the Career and Life Planning Center, and Student Resources. Each has a different function and purpose that can help students with our choices we make in Fullerton College. Everyone has different ambitions and goals and we don’t have to do it alone, that’s why the faculty here is more than welcome to help the students make the right decisions. First of all I believe that the Counseling Department is the most important tool Fullerton College has to offer to the students. This is free and we get professional help from people that actually want to help students with any problem. They make us feel safe and secure about our decisions. The counseling department helped me a lot in many ways. My counselor gave me valuable advice on which classes to take and the path to transfer to the right school. At first I was confuse and lost on which classes to take for my major and my counselor helped me a lot. Also we had one on one conversation about what I…show more content…
This is important because if a student is still undecided about a major or about a career we can go there and do research. Also it’s a tool that can help students figure out if we are pursuing the right path. I went there to see what careers my major has to offer if I get my degree in political science and there’s a lot of choices. The choices are very interesting and it got me motivated to reach my goal. Most of the choices is with politics and that’s the stuff that I truly like. Also there are careers in teaching, corporations, and

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