Personal Statement: Studen Critical Thinking

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In Us studies 101 you cover a lot of different interesting subjects such as, time management, goal setting, career planning, critical thinking, academic writing and, University resources. Thankful enough every single one of these subjects has to do with your future. Time management will teach you all about making time for your life, your classes and, your career. Goal setting will help you learn about how to set goals and how to actually achieve them. Career planning will help you come up with the right career for yourself and which path to move on. Critical thinking is all about your brain process and how you think. Academic writing will help you with appropriate tone, formatting and ways of writing, last but not least would be University resources will help you out with everything from research to tutoring.…show more content…
Critical thinking comes in all different types of forms. Critical thinking can be used in college discussions, term papers, and even out in the real world. Critical thinking sometimes involves thinking before you speak and hurt someone else. Most critical thinking is the search for truth, for example something happens someone you know was there and you automatically blame them, because you are searching for some type of truth to the situation. With critical thinking always question authority to make sure there is truth behind a story before you go and tell it to someone else. According to University of Phoenix Your College Experience (2011) Academic writing is the form of writing academically such as explanatory writing and exploratory writing. Exploratory writing helps you to freestyle write and write in your own words where as explanatory writing helps you back up your exploratory writing. Being able to distinguish the two is pretty much self

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