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u02a1 Implementation Plan Topic Selection A New global Environment for Learning Abstract My topic selection for this assignment is on A new global environment for learning also known as ANGEL. Angel is used in 28 out of 34 community colleges and technical colleges in Washington state. Angel is a college-wide learning management system that provides tools for faculty and staff to present online instructional content. Angel also serves as a portal to all aspects of the school's e-learning environment, allowing access from anywhere in the world. Angel accounts are available to all faculty, staff and students. Angel can be used for online learning where the student will do assignments, take tests and watch videos as assignment by the teacher.…show more content…
It is competitive now. We need to bury old bureaucratic and institutional habits. Public schools have always been a local monopoly on the education and innovation has been stifled as a result. Students should be given the opportunity to have customized learning solutions including the full range of brick and click possibilities. In this model students can have internships or participate in work-study programs while completing graduation requirements online. A high school senior who is short a few credits can choose to have a part-time job while making up credits online. A freshman can have a full schedule in the physical building and add an online course or two each semester in an effort to graduate in as little as three years. For us the pinnacle of success in K-12 should be to create a culture of learning that fully prepares students with the abilities to be successful in life. We feel the global pressures for increased digital citizenship and customized learning. Our response includes a multitude of solutions and we encourage others to do the same. This can be used for any subject in schools. Update everything at once.. Accessed from different mobile devises. Privacy protection. Integrity and collaborate can be intergraded into this…show more content…
The big-ticket items include student laptops, purchasing an LMS or partnering with a solution provider, and professional development. In its first year, the Palisades Cyber Academy is servicing about 25 cyber students who would have otherwise chosen another cyber learning option, and close to 100 other traditional students who are taking an online course or participating in a class using an LMS. I would estimate our start-up costs at $35,000. If we make a commitment from the onset that we wanted our teachers to be the instructors. We are aiming for the holistic improvement in what community based education looks like. Without teachers at the center of this process you can't have that impact. We know that the support, connectedness, and dedication that our teachers can provide to our learners are unequal to any other model. As a result, our teachers have been some of the biggest supporters. We are openly transparent in this design process while sharing the diverse range of opportunities that exist in a program like this. We are also clear about the challenges like keeping online students motivated. Additionally, we are quite candid about the quality of education we can provide. This program delivers the best customizable learning options to the students in our community while saving district and taxpayer

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