Carol Dweck's Mindset

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It is Elementary My Dear Watson! As a spirited child in elementary school, I was very hyperactive and could not sit in one spot for more than a country minute. One day, I was not able to stay in my seat; Mrs. Jepson my grade school teacher had a special place in the back of the classroom where she would tape my hands and feet together. If she got too frustrated with me, she would send me outside to play. Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology of Success shows how labels can deeply affect the way you lead your life. She wrote about two different types of mindsets; for example, those with a fixed mindset have to prove themselves to others that they are intelligent and put together. The growth mindset is about learning, changing, and moving…show more content…
After I reached the sixth grade, I was able to receive appropriate assistance with Special education instructors. Dweck stated, “The great teachers believe in the growth of the intellect and talent, and they are fascinated with the process of learning.” Teaching is a talent. Teaching allows the opportunity to work on hearts, minds, and to guide students becoming empowered, literate, engaged, creative, liberated human beings who want to join in this effort to change the world. Although, my teachers’ repeatedly showed me what they expected from me in the classroom. They were able to teach me study skills, and specially how to still in my seat. We worked very hard at maintaining my concentration, and when I failed, they would redirect my attention back to whatever task I was doing. I started trusting my teacher in their performance and patience. The positive experience, I received from my sixth grade teachers had an effect on my negative thoughts from my elementary experiences. By the time I finished the sixth grade I was ready for the seventh and eighth grade, Jr. High School. I continued with the special educational program, through the eleventh grade. I was successful with my grades, and my teachers were supportive. However, reaching the twelfth grade, the teachers were not as supportive as I experienced in my previous years in school. I struggled with my classes with the little support I was given; I became dissatisfy with school. I lost interest, my teachers stopped engaging my imaginations in wanting to keep learning “I got very good at watching a blackboard with minimum awareness” (Rose19). I gave up; I stopped trying and dropped out of high school in my twelfth

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