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Running head: Self Assessment/Reflective Memo Strayer University Gordon McQuaige English 115 Dr. Brandy T. Wilson February 20, 2011 Pre-Writing/ Invention Process I used the brainstorming / listing invention process. I did find this strategy effective but it was hard to focus on one individual subject that I could inform my audience with. I guess my main problem was to focus on one particular subject because I had many thoughts going thru my head. I learned that I should try more prewriting strategies to find the one that will give me what it is that I need instead of staying focused on the one that is not working well for me. Next time I start to write I would think of things that I like do so I can write freely about those things. Writing Process My purpose for writing this essay was to be informative and that is where my problem came in. How can I be informative not using references or stating where I got my thoughts. My audience was society as a whole and I did fulfill my audience by addressing a subject that we deal with everyday and not realize how much of it is influenced in our everyday life. The main point of my essay was the impact of violence on today’s society and how we use and see it. I wanted my audience to see how we sometimes take for granted how violence can be looked at as entertainment and sorrow. Peer Reviewing Process In my peers essays I looked for the three-point thesis statement, three point topic sentence and if they followed those topics in order. I also looked to see if they reworded their thesis statement in their conclusion and if they may have brought any new information into the essay. After reviewing my peers essay I thought I might have did my essay wrong or included to many outside sources. I also learned that I may have a better understanding about the three-point thesis statement than my other peers.

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