Counselor Personal Statement

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Indeed seeking to have a career in this field of Social Services influenced my desire to be a counselor. In my career I decided to educate myself and began my educational journey knowing it would be essential for me to learn the concepts of counseling and understanding the ethical principles which it would assist me with becoming an effective counselor; first attaining the understanding of what an effective counselor would be, appropriately for me to know what counseling is and to perform a counseling profession. Counseling is a process of establishing a cooperative relationship and using it to help the participant to learn a desired appropriate behavior. Nevertheless spiritually, in my opinion I do believe one is in control of their destiny and some things are destine to take place in life. I believe I was given this gift to become a counselor which I did not choose…show more content…
At this point I knew it was time for me to revise and asses my need and motivation to be in this field. I was doing a disservice to myself. I began to look within myself and saw that I was seeking gratification through other to make me feel good about myself. I began to seek counseling for myself which helped me to deal and cope with my unfinished business in my personal life. I began to love me and know that I am wonderful being who I am and most of all being real with myself. My experience has taught me that becoming an effective counselor; you will make some decisions that are good and not so good all in the desire to help others. At this stage of my career and with the help of my educational journey I have learned and still learning to first nurture myself and use techniques along with tools to met the participants where he or she is at. Most of all it is essential to institute a cooperative relationship and to create and sustain consistent but flexible
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