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Course Syllabus PA110: Civil Litigation TABLE OF CONTENTS Policies Course Calendar Course Description Course Information Course Materials Course Outcomes Discussion Boards Grading Criteria/Course Evaluation How to Label Your Work Instructor’s Grading Criteria/Timetable Instructor and Seminar Information Kaplan University Grading Scale Late Work Policy Projects Netiquette Rubrics Seminars Tutoring COURSE INFORMATION Term: Dates: Course Number/Section: TOP April 2013 Term April 17- June 25, 2013 PA 110 -01 Holiday Schedule: Course Title: Credit Hours: Civil Litigation 5 Prerequisites: Students enrolled in a paralegal studies program: PA 101; students enrolled in a legal studies program: LS 102 1 It is strongly recommended…show more content…
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Participation in the Seminar is a very important part of this course. It is the one chance that you have each week to interact with your classmates and your instructor real-time. Seminar is a great opportunity to cover course material in a fun and dynamic forum where you can discuss what you’ve learned in each unit and ask questions about topics that you don’t yet understand. Students should actively participate in each seminar. During each seminar, the instructor will be asking students lots of questions from the reading assignments, so there will be many opportunities to answer and to make additional comments or ask questions of your own. Your attendance at the weekly seminar for this course is very important. The seminar is an excellent source of information and explanation of the weekly material in this course. However, if you are unable to attend the seminar, you can still learn the information that was provided and also earn the seminar points. In order to earn the seminar points, you must complete an alternative assignment and submit it as a Word document attached to an email. Send the email to your professor within one week of the seminar. The professor has the right to reject late alternative assignments. The alternative assignment must provide at least a clear synopsis of the material covered at the seminar along with your analysis of that material. It should be no less than

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