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ESL 63 Summer 2014 Instructor: Kathy Fehder email: Office hours by appointment ESL 63 Foundations of College Writing III 55F1 (3794) Tuesday and Thursday 12:00-3:20pm SEM 235 Description of Course: Satisfactory completion of ESL 62 or assessment placement is required for taking this class. ESL 63 is a developmental non-credit writing course designed to help students prepare for ENG 101. The course focuses on writing effective, coherent, multi-paragraph essays. Students will concentrate on content and organization in essay writing. They are required to use the computer for essay assignments. Students will continue to study grammar rules and apply them to every day communication, both oral and written.…show more content…
Fundamentals of English Grammar, 4th edition. Longman Publishing Group, 2011. Folse, Keith S., et. al. Blueprints 2, Houghton Mifflin Company, 2003. Grading: Grades will be determined by the following combination: • Class Participation (20%): attending class regularly, completing homework and all other assignments on time, speaking about the daily subject, listening carefully to others, and cooperating in class activities • Homework (20%): Homework may or may not be collected and graded and will generally be reviewed during the following class session • Grammar quizzes (20%): Quizzes will be given approximately every other week. Each quiz will be mostly about new grammar, but some questions will cover grammar we studied earlier. • Weekly writing assignments (20%): Writing assignments will be given throughout the course according to the various styles being taught at that moment. • A final writing exam (10%) • A final grammar exam (10%) A 70 or above is a passing score. Grades in this class are A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), and F (0-69). A grade of I (incomplete) is given in emergency situations at the discretion of the…show more content…
Plagiarism means using another person’s ideas or words and not saying that you borrowed them. Both of these are serious offenses. Complaints about the course: If you have a problem or a complaint about the course, first talk to your instructor. If that does not work, you can talk with ESL Department head David Mangum. Students with disabilities: The KCTCS is committed to providing an equal educational opportunity and full participation for persons with disabilities. It is KCTCS policy that no otherwise qualified person with a disability be excluded from participating in any KCTCS program or activity, be denied the benefits of any KCTCS program or activity, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination with regard to any KCTCS program or activity. Students with disabilities who require accommodations (academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids or services) for this course must contact the Access*Ability Resource Center (ARC) as soon as possible. Please do not request accommodations directly from the professor or instructor. If you require assistance during an emergency evacuation, notify your instructor and the

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