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My First Day of School – Essay Assignment 20 pts. For this assignment you will be writing two complete paragraphs that describe your first day at GHS. Each paragraph must contain at least five complete sentences. You can write about the entire day, from beginning to end, or simply describe one specific event that made your first day memorable. The essay will be graded on the following criteria: CONTENT 10 pts. - Does your essay provide enough details? - Can the reader easily understand the story? - Are the paragraphs organized logically? GRAMMAR 10 pts. - Does every sentence contain a subject and predicate? - Fragment sentence will be marked down 1 point, up to ten. Read the example essay below about my first day at GHS. I had spent three years teaching at the middle school before I came up here, so I had a lot of the same fears and questions that you probably did. Example Essay: My First Day of High School I walked into the building on the first day of school and began to climb the staircase up to my new room. I could tell this climb would take some getting used to, especially this early in the morning. At the middle school, my room was only about twenty steps from the teacher’s entrance and didn’t require nearly as much effort. Once I was in my room, I took the copy of my syllabus and walked down to make copies. I was relieved that the high school has the same copy machines as the middle school does; it was one less thing I’d have to learn. Once the students arrived, I recognized several of them immediately. I couldn’t necessarily remember all the names of my former students, but their faces were familiar. As they entered the room and my classes began, I found it a little awkward teaching in my new room. It seems larger than my old one, yet there isn’t as much space to move around. The classes

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