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Dominique Newton Eng 121 John Sullivan March 3, 2012 A reflection on my English 121 experience Taking English 121 has been a challenging experience. At times it felt like I wouldn’t make it to the end of the journey but with patience and determination to work through each module I made it to week eight. I found that the teaching method that included the use of bi-weekly assignments and group reviews of said assignments was vital to the course. These teaching methods coupled with the required reading helped me to improve both my writing and thinking skills on a week to week basis. A brief breakdown of the work done in each module is the key to assessing the improvements I have made as a writer and thinker. In the first module I…show more content…
I couldn’t understand why I had to read so much in the first week. However I fought through the readings and discovered that my preferred model of argumentative writing was the classical model. I also found I could understand the appeals of the Toulmin model and the Rogerian model. With this in mind I examined the essays in the reading clusters trying to identify the use of these models. This helped me to develop both as a writer and thinker because I had to try and understand where the writers where going with their arguments and the techniques they used to appeal to their readers. One technique that helped in evaluating the essays of the reading cluster was to use a pencil to make notes as I…show more content…
The way I approach a written piece has changed. When I started this course I would assess an author’s work by reading it once or twice and trying to grasp the general idea and the main points that support it. Now as I read an author’s work I try to always have a pencil with me to make notes as I read. This helps me to really grasp what is being portrayed by the work. I have also changed my thoughts about writing. Prior to this course I approached writing as something to do in my free time, a task that just came to me if the setting and mood were right. However, working through this course has helped me to realize that writing is something that needs to be worked on. It should be systematic and approached from a focused point of

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