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Anthony Suryajaya English 101 December 8, 2013 Reflective Commentary Some people take classes just to make sure that they get good grades in every single subject they take and just to fulfill the requirement of the associate degrees they might choose at North Seattle Community College. Well, I do have the same goal as them, yet I feel that I need to learn a lot of things from each subject that I take and I feel that experiences are the most important thing that needs to be considered. In this quarter, I take English 101 as one of my subjects this quarter. I think that I was a bad writer before I take this English 101 class because I really feel that I do not know how to write correctly. I do not know how to write a good introduction and conclusion, and I have a bad grammar structure. Each time I wrote an essay, I feel not confident about it. I do not know how to start it, what to write, and how to make it an interesting essay. Whenever I want to pour out all of my ideas, I cannot deliver it with a good sentence or paragraph. Even people sometimes do not understand what I am trying to say by those sentences. It doesn’t have a clear understanding of what I was trying to say and the grammar might be really messed up. One of the causes of this might be because I am an Indonesian and I primarily use Bahasa Indonesia as my first language, and just use English as my second language. I have only learned English since I was in Junior English when I was studying at an International School in my country. By joining this English 101 class, I feel that I learned a lot of things. Though sometimes I did not understand some of the things that being delivered during the class, I feel blessed that I can learn on how to write correctly. I found out that I need to make a kind of brainstorming before I make the essay. After that, I need to make a rough draft, which will be

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